KC's Innovation Competition

February 28th, 2013  |  Union Station





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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Business of Healthcare

Written by Guest Blogger.

With insurance premiums continuing to rise, a population growing increasingly divided on how to fix the healthcare system, and public health taking a backseat to corporate interests, many are losing the hope for a healthy future. Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control, but where does this unprecedented amount of spending go? See how your healthcare dollars are spent and take a look at the profits of some key players behind the healthcare scene. 

The Business of Healthcare

Think Big Innovations Podcast Featuring Rachel Hack of Google Fiber

Written by Bobby Miller Jr..

In the most recent episode of the Think Big Innovations Podcast, we feature Rachel Hack, Community Manager of Google Fiber. Tune in to hear an update of Google Fiber's progress to bring a one-gigabit internet connection to Kansas City. This episode will also dive into why Google Fiber decided to partner with H&R Block and Think Big Partners as the sponsor for the People's Choice Award at Hackovate Health.

Listen to Think Big Innovations Podcast with Rachel Hack by clicking here!


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